February 2024

Summer/Winter Intern

Reports to:

  • The Summer/Winter Internship is a temporary training position in one of McAllister Towing's ports.  You will report directly to the Officer in Charge of Navigation when on duty.  


  • None

Description of Duties:

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to train, gain valuable experience, and apply classroom knowledge you have learned at your Service Academy. 

Take this opportunity to make the most of your internship while working for McAllister Towing.  Seek professional specialty knowledge, career advice, and sage counsel from as many experienced mariners as possible to enable a pathway of success for your future career in the Maritime Industry.  Maximize your Summer Internship by listening, learning, and participating in all operations, shipboard maintenance, and drills throughout your time onboard.   

Your safety is paramount and our highest priority while working at McAllister Towing.  Pay close attention to all safety procedures and briefs while working on deck, the bridge, or the engine room.  Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are unsure of an operation or safety procedure.   Duties during your time at McAllister Towing may also include:

  • Lookout

  • Handles lines/wires to and from other vessels or structures during operations at the direction of the Officer in Charge of the Navigation Watch.

  • Tends mooring lines.

  • Performs assigned firefighting, man overboard and abandon ship duties as assigned on the Station Bill.

  • Handles fuel, lube oil and water transfer hoses under the direction of the Person in Charge (PIC).

  • Performs cleaning and maintenance as assigned by the Captain.

  • Accountable for personal hygiene, for maintaining the safe, clean condition of own stateroom, and for participating with other crew to maintain public spaces in like condition.

  • Performs assigned firefighting, man overboard and abandon ship duties as assigned on the Station Bill.

  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Captain.

  • Project a positive company image and maintain professional, amicable relationships with customers, pilots, terminal personnel and the public at all times.

  • Other duties as may be assigned by the Captain.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Current U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential (if Cadet has credentials).

  • Valid Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC).

Physical Requirements:

The unpredictable, ever-changing and inherently dangerous nature of tug and towing operations require the Ordinary Seaman to be physically qualified to ensure his/her own safety, as well as that of the vessel and crew. Specific physical requirements include:

  • Adequate vision (i.e., absent any color blindness or impairment that cannot be corrected with prescription lenses).

  • Adequate hearing.

  • Capable of walking and standing on wet surfaces for extended periods of time.

  • Able to handle heavy lines and operate heavy machinery.

  • Ability to climb a 12-foot ladder without assistance.

  • Ability to hoist oneself up and over a 12-inch wide, 6-foot-high barrier.

  • Sufficient strength to:

  • Lift 100 lbs. from deck to waist level.

  • Lift 50 lbs. from deck to shoulder level.

  • Lift 35 lbs. from deck to overhead; and

  • Pull (drag) 120 lbs. at least 20 feet.

Salary: Cadet Day Rate - varies per port

 FLSA Status:

  • Exempt

*This position description does not promise or imply that the functions listed are the only duties to be performed or that the position may not change or be eliminated. Employees are always expected to follow their supervisor’s instructions and to perform the tasks requested by their supervisors.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer: We are an Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO”) Employer.

It has been and will continue to be a fundamental policy of McAllister Towing not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, gender, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, partnership status, domestic violence victim status, sexual orientation, age, national origin, alienage or citizenship status, veteran or military status, disability, medical condition, genetic information, caregiver status, unemployment status or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state and/or local laws.

This policy applies to all aspects of employment, including hiring, promotion, demotion, compensation, training, working conditions, transfer, job assignments, benefits, layoff, and termination.

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